Meet Abigail Snyder

Abigail's musical journey started at age three when her parents resolved that attending four Gymboree classes a week did not provide enough outside enrichment for their firstborn child. With that, Abigail began piano lessons. Her dad accompanied her to each lesson, sitting on one side of the piano bench while her piano teacher sat on the other. Abigail used one hand to strike the keys while the other clutched her stuffed giraffe, affectionately known as Twigga.

After spending some time infatuated with a number of other instruments, 14-year-old Abigail determined that she would learn to play guitar. A year later, Abigail was introduced to smooth jazz guitarist Jim Bachety who, despite Abigail's very obvious lack of guitar skill, agreed to accept her as a student. Jim encouraged her to focus her attention on the study of jazz music because he was emphatic that it would shape her into the most proficient musician.

Due to Jim's masterful blending of guitar and music theory in lessons, Abigail soon saw music theory in a way she never had: it is the key every musician needs to unlock music and reach their potential. With this revelation, Abigail diligently copied down the music theory she learned during years of lessons with Jim and used it as the foundation of her book, The Big Book of Music Theory, which is intended to be a guide for any musician of any skill level. Her book is available here.

In 2021, Abigail recorded three original guitar instrumental tracks at a studio in Savannah, GA. Since Abigail believes that music's power lies in the emotion communicated by the musician, she challenged herself by limiting her toolkit and recording using only a guitar.

Due to this apparent "limitation," her playing is characterized by conversational melodies and solos that demonstrate that music without words can stand on its own.

Her debut single, In Relation, communicates both her musical and personal journey which emphasizes living in the present, not the past.

In Relation is available now for streaming and download on all streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Presently, Abigail attends Hillsdale College where she won a music scholarship to study in the guitar program. Now, at the age of nineteen, she is intently focused on her goal of making music her profession.